Vision Engine

Emvoke vision engine can identify:
New Customers
Old Customers
Detect Time spent in Store
Detect Drop Rate Map
Customer engagement pattern.

Object Detection

It is important to not only detect and classify object but run
Semantic segmentation to accurately classify Retail shelfs inventory.
Object Product Detection on Shelf Interaction.

Self and product analytics

Now stores can understand human - brand interaction with emotional response on Object engagement.
Object Product Detection on Shelf Product Gaze Time, Focus Time, Pick Time, Product Drop rate.

In Store Emotions

Get customer delight and painful analytics per In Store section. Vision engine can detect customer experiential journey on: On Store Entry – and On Store Exit.
Classify Emotions: Happy, Sad, Disgust, Anger Emotion Detection on Shelf Emotion engagement with Service reps

In Store Traffic Analytics

Store layouts, Visual merchandizing and Shelf product placement plays a vital role in building customer traction and brand engagement. Now get Layout and Shelf analytics as:
In Store traffic heatmaps. Shelf engagement Times. Per Section behaviour metrics. Queue flow per in-store section.


Get customized reports, notifications and visual dashboards to track your store KPI's .

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