Speech Engine

Emvoke hand crafts Speech and Dialogue engines based on its own Ai Models. Our NLP are Domain Ontology Aware. Save upto 40% human intervention costs.
Now allow Context based natural human conversations. Manage Emotional and Urgency states.

Conversational Bots

Emvoke Speech engines power Web, Mobile and Speech bots on multiple intents and contexts. Industrial Grade Conversations, Zero commands, Intent aware Ontology.

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge graphs are vital for query and intelligence engines for Data digitization.
Now Unify Data intelligence across multiple data sources.
Create your organization Knowledge Vectors, do Ontology Automation and Augment reasoning assistance.

Ready for conversations?

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We can be reached Monday to Saturday 10AM IST- 6:30 PM IST.
team@emvoke.com or at 91-9873437146.